Breast Assured Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to provide relief to women who need financial assistance in obtaining necessary preventative care health services for screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.

Our mission is to ensure all women receive the finest care and most current technology available in detecting breast cancer early – when it is most easily treatable. Allocations and incentives provided are targeted specifically toward patients who lack sufficient funds or insurance to pay for their screenings

• A new breast cancer is diagnosed every 2.5 minutes

• A woman’s chance of developing breast cancer
in her lifetime is 1 in 8

• Early breast cancer detection is the single most
important factor to surviving the disease

• The initiation of breast cancer screenings has resulted in a
30% reduction in deaths from breast cancer annually

Breast Assured Foundation is committed to reaching out to communities of women in need, in order to foster awareness of the benefits of early breast cancer detection and to provide a viable option for their vitally important health care needs.

Early detection saves lives – it’s that simple.

We also provide an added value to existing community services offerings and partner directly with health care providers and programs. Community involvement and outreach are encouraged and supported through many avenues and provide a way for everyone to be involved directly with our mission. Some examples of the kindness and generosity received include:

• Donated Time/Volunteer Efforts

• Direct Contributions

• Sponsorships

• Partnerships

• Fundraising Dinners

• Golf Tournaments

• Educational Events

Contact Us

Breast Assured Foundation

7717 N. Hartman Lane

Tucson, AZ 85743

Phone: 888-233-6121 ext 2218 or 520.954.2837